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We Keep Your Freight Moving

Parcel & Fleet Solutions works with courier companies, courier drivers and other businesses to ensure packages are delivered on time, efficiently and professionally.

We’re based in Wellington and work throughout the greater Wellington area.

As a courier company you know how important it is to ensure that all packages are delivered efficiently and professionally. But things can go wrong. Drivers are unavailable, some packages remain undelivered, some days are busier than others – that’s where Parcel & Fleet Solutions steps in.

We take the stress out of courier problems, and ensure all parcels reach their destination on time.

What We Do

Parcel  Solutions

We take the stress away from courier companies, ensuring you always have drivers, and parcels are always delivered on time. Our flexibility means we work with you to take the stress out of busy times, driver absences and all the other problems that can hold up the efficient delivery of parcels.

Fleet Solutions

We provide a fleet solutions service so you can move parcels quickly and efficiently.We serve our customers all year round. Our services are ideal for companies needing products delivered at busy times of year, such as Valentine’s Day, and coming up to Christmas. Our fleet solutions mean your products are guaranteed to be delivered on time.

We Guarantee

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